Find a River


“Hello Sunshine”, someone has scribbled with chalk on the road. It’s 30°C, lectures for today are over, I’m escaping into nature. Everyone of my friends has their own mechanisms to cope with uni stress. For me, it’s biking to the river to find a green and quiet place.

Sitting there always calms me down. The branches of the trees dance in the sun, the river sets one foot before the other on its long journey to the sea. It changes its speed, its colour, its inhabitants, but it always carries on.

You can hurt a river in many ways: You can straighten it and it will grow aggressive; you can dam it and it will tear down walls; you can pollute it and it will struggle; but it will always persevere. Nature has a lot more power than we think. We like to be in charge, when we really aren’t.

Here is a photo of my favourite spot to sit, read, and write. It’s my chance to escape and reset my energy.


No matter what happens on earth, the water will run. Find a river, love, because rivers mean healing.


Do you have a favourite river? Please tell me about it in the comments! x


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