20 things by 20

Tomorrow I’ll be no longer a teenager, yay! I’m terrified. These are just numbers, I know, but they are scary anyway. Or you could say…
I’m entering a new decade of my life… Arghghhghhhhh *panics* *runs out of house* *hugs the next tree for comfort*

Here are some of the things I have learned… (This is a Youtube tag, by the way. I was inspired.)

  1. Time management is the number one rule for success. Once you know how to organise your life, everything is easier.
  2. Friends leave your life and new ones come in. That’s ok.
  3. Don’t promise anything right away. Breathe, think, then promise.
  4. Sleep makes everything look brighter.
  5. Let them finish! Talking over someone is the worst. (Still have to practice this one…)
  6. Some things are out of your control. Don’t try to beat yourself up about it.
  7. Your body is great. Be kind to it. (If it only were that easy…)
  8. If you struggle, write it down. Disconnect yourself from your thoughts and examine them.
  9. Write an email, call them, talk to them. If something doesn’t go according to your plan, find out why.
  10. Clean and tidy a bit every night. That way you won’t drown in chaos.
  11. Set realistic long-term goals. They will keep you motivated and will give you a purpose.
  12. Put in the work. It doesn’t help to complain, you have to do it anyway. Sit down and study.
  13. Say yes. (I have missed so many opportunities because I said no. Still do.)
  14. Smile. It makes you happier and all the people around you.
  15. Shut up your editor’s brain for the first draft of any creative work. Do not aim for “perfect”.
  16. Silence doesn’t bring you anywhere. If you have a problem, talk to people.
  17. Nobody will defend yourself but you. Don’t sell yourself for less than you are. (Haha, good one. I wish I could do this.)
  18. If you feel overwhelmed, get out of the house. Fresh air unties the knots in your brain.
  19. Keep your projects to yourself until you actually start with them. Don’t talk, work. (I’m not a secrets person. Not at all…)
  20. Everything works out better than expected. Don’t panic before anything happens.


What are the lessons you learned but still struggle to implement?


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