You want a pony? I want a tree.


I skipped a lecture and went to the river with my bike in the gorgeous morning hours. I met a deer. It was munching some grass twenty metres away.

Sometimes I feel like I have a deeper connection to the trees around the city than to the city itself. This will probably also be the one thing I miss when I move: The forest at the river side.

Leaving my phone at home gives me so much joy. I ignore the appointments, the to-do lists, the stress. My head clears up the second I don’t hear car noises anymore but birds singing. They are so loud that even the deer jumped. A blackbird had started a conversation with a friend next to him.

In my childhood the coolest job I could imagine was a ranger in a national park. I grew up watching nature documentaries. I dreamed about walking through the woods and taking care of everything that lived there. Now this dream doesn’t seem so far anymore. My dad jokes that I will be studying forestry one day. I laugh it off but – why not? I feel more drawn to the great outsides than to most people. And what a better environment for a writer than a forest?

We had a lecture yesterday about energy generation and consumption through the years. We were left with a dark glimpse into the future: We will never be able to reach the 2°C goal if we go on burning fossil fuels. Even if we don’t, that would mean our society had to transform into an electricity society. Which isn’t possible in just a few years. We in Germany, for example, will never reach the goals for 2020 we have set for ourselves.

All these analyses terrified me and I searched for a solution. If we can’t decrease the amount of carbon we are emitting, then at least we can do everything to capture it and not let it go into the atmosphere. Along with cutting your consumption it’s the best you can do: Plant trees.


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