Starting as a tiny terrified teenager on wordpress, I have developed my artistic skills. Through endless hours of drawing and painting. (Have a glimpse over here: verenacave.wordpress.com)

But since moving out from home to study at university (Environmental and Resource Management), this didn’t seem enough anymore. So I started writing. I discovered my love for non-fiction.

At the moment I’m writing a book about climate change. Or I am trying to. As my writer’s block would tell you. My dream is to be a writer or a journalist. An environmentalist. A teacher. Of course still an artist. A manager. A professional through-the-woods-walker. And a musicals-while-biking-singer. And a cat-mum (In the gallery you can see my little cat who waits for me back home. Her name is Kiwi).

I hope you enjoy my articles and I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Have a lovely day x