Wonder Woman


*contains spoilers*

Wonder Woman was a remarkable film. I’m not saying everything was right with it. But it showed female strength not only visible through special effects. It showed how powerful vulnerability can be and how much determination and belief in the good changes the world.

She wanted to help people, and she did. She followed her calling regardless of what the men around her were saying. In the end, they followed her. I cannot imagine how that would have played out in the real world we live in- they would probably have thrown her out of the room, just like they did in the scene in the London government.

Diana soon understood that she cared for humanity, for all the values we hold dear. She was stronger through her love, her holding on to the good, and through the belief in her abilities. This is not something you often see. In the media we often see women who tear each other down.

A memorable scene was when Diana was still a child and her mother told her she was not the strongest of them and therefore could never use the God-Killer. She was, in fact, the strongest. And her mother telling her she was not, held her back in her training.

We spend far too much time analysing why we are not good enough. Instead, we should be out there fighting for the good, fighting for what we believe in, and gaining strength on the way. If this film had been about a man, these struggles would have never surfaced. A male superhero doesn’t doubt his abilities. He uses some crazy moves and the villain is dead. She wasn’t sure which side to be on, she was uncertain. This made the film so real. We will never be sure what we can do, unless we try.

Another scene I loved was when she forgave the poison maker. She could have killed her. But she understood that it wouldn’t help anyone. They weren’t on opposite sides, they both wanted to survive. The villains we perceive to be the villains might not be. There might be structures we never understand and sometimes what we fight against doesn’t have a face we can see. But forgiveness and compassion always raises us higher than every villain in this world. Forgiveness is a strong power.

The film left me with a will to change something. I, too, believe that we are not doomed. That we can change our perspective on life and that we can love instead of fighting wars. This representation of a strong woman gives young girls something to live up to. A feeling that they are capable of everything they want to reach. A feeling that the good can win.